IWCE Preview – Highlights of our upcoming announcements and demonstrations

This week we’ll provide a preview of some of our Innovations Everywhere announcements and demonstrations at next week’s IWCE Trade Show in Las Vegas. We hope to see you there!

We’ll be talking a lot about Digital Mobile Radio –DMR. Catalyst has made significant progress since last year’s IWCE and an example of this is our partnership efforts with Simoco and our joint collaboration perfecting the Applications Interface Specification (AIS) Wireline Interface. In the Simoco Booth (#1646 – across the aisle from Catalyst) our Propulsion™ Console is featured with a Simoco radio infrastructure.  Using the AIS wireline interface Catalyst provides Critical Communications grade dispatch including console pre-empt, non-blocking access to multiple simultaneous, independently managed talk groups, and spectrum efficiency.

This approach is superior to using control stations as it allows the system administrator to uniquely enable talk group access to each dispatcher and for each dispatcher to uniquely and dynamically manage volume levels, patches, call history, etc. for each talk group.  In wide-area systems, calls to remotely located subscribers avoid consuming the local channels that control station-based consoles require, saving this spectrum for other subscribers.  The Catalyst-Simoco wireline interface also supports Individual Calls, Text Messages, Emergency messages, and other advanced capabilities.


Catalyst is also highlighting the AIS Wireline interface with Tait’s Tier III DMR system and is prepared to discuss capabilities and integration efforts with other manufacturers that adhere to the DMR Standard.

To serve additional agencies, Catalyst is demonstrating advanced capabilities for Tier II (conventional) DMR through our integration with the Kenwood 5000 series of multi-function mobile radios. These tri- protocol radios support combinations of DMR, P25 and NXDN network technologies.

If you are coming to IWCE to learn more about DMR technologies and products, be sure to check out the Tuesday morning DMR Workshop. This seminar presents a combination of technology papers and DMR deployment case studies and is moderated by Catalyst’s Robin Grier.

Next up …. Hardware and packaging innovations.

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