Pafford EMS offers aid for both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Victims


Unless you were “friends” with Pafford Medical Services on Facebook, you’re likely unaware of the incredible services this First Responder has performed in service to victims of both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. These are just a few of the posts that describe the activities and resilency of Pafford professionals.

Clay Pafford, Director of Operations and on-site disaster relief manager says, “I am so impressed with the resilience and dedication of the scores of disaster Strike Team personnel who are involved with caring for Hurricane Irma victims. It was only hours between our Strike Team deployments in Texas to being requested to move some of those on to Florida. Our Pafford Strike Teams all came through with flying colors in terms of attitude and skill. However, we could not do the good work we are doing with disaster relief if it wasn’t for those at home- our communications center dispatchers and our EMS professionals who persevere in all our 9-1-1 contract service areas in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Because of everyone taking extra shifts and chipping in where needed, Pafford continues to provide fully-staffed ambulances and uninterrupted response and transport for our 9-1-1 patients until our Strike Teams come home.”

The Pafford strike Teams have deployed to Fort Myers, Boca Raton Lecanto and Key West, Florida, and the week before: Beaumont, Orange, Victoria, Houston, Katy, Kingswood, Vidor, Beaumont, and Winnie Texas. On September 9 Pafford had 18 ambulances, 3 supervisor vehicles, and 40 personnel on the ground in Florida.

Founded in 1967, Pafford Ambulance Service continues to provide emergency medical care to communities in: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma. Catalyst is proud to count Pafford EMS amoung our First Responder community.

Check out Pafford .

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