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FIRE(tm) is a deployable incident command solution that can provide radio voice communications across several frequency bands for DMR, Project 25, MDC 1200, LTR, NexEdge, LTE and other radio protocols, while providing enhanced graphics and Dispatch command and control to the user. This rugged, compact, and efficient solution offers essential information for fire ground, emergency medical, special rescues, utility restoration and other critical communications incidents. A single hardened laptop integrated with up to four mobile radios delivers commander control with an easy to use GUI. FIRE(tm) can operate in a stand-alone mode or be linked back to the agency’s primary radio system.

When the mission requires operation in talk-around mode, it can be difficult to coordinate activities without the benefit of the main dispatch center. FIRE(tm) allows the Incident Commander to monitor voice communications from these local radios across the primary frequency bands using one integrated tool. Commanders will see a call log of every call placed including Unit ID, a time stamp and Emergency messages (depending on the radio). The audio is recorded and may be replayed on-scene or can be easily transferred to other tools for post processing.

Agencies can link back to their primary radio system via either RF (by patching two of the FIRE(tm) mobile radios together) or via an IP connection. “With FIRE(tm) each person can continue to use their own agency-specific radio and let FIRE(tm) provide the means for local interoperability and dispatch,” said Robin Grier, President of Catalyst. “FIRE(tm) makes it easier than ever for the commander to stay in charge, record and replay messages, and connect back to the main system as needed.”

In addition to multi-band radios that offer frequency flexibility, FIRE(tm) can connect single band mobile radios from many different manufacturers for SmartNet(tm), DMR, P25 and other communications systems.

Next Up: Using FIRE(tm) as an advanced Digital Vehicular Repeater.

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