Catalyst teams with EF Johnson to offer a killer deal on a Radio + Console Package

Time Sensitive offer ends March 16, 2018 – ACT NOW!

We have long been fans of EF Johnson and their excellent mobile radios. In addition to customers choosing EF Johnson – centric networks, their ability to work on Motorola Smartnet(tm) and Smartzone(tm) networks provided Catalyst Dispatch users advanced display control of Emergency and Unit ID on those networks.

These ES radios have reached their end of life, and EF Johnson has partnered with Catalyst to offer a sweet deal – a highly discounted radio system including Catalyst Dispatch Consoles, Catalyst IPJ Gateways, and EF Johnson ES 5300 mobile radios.

This program is only available until March 16, 2018, so contact us today! We’ll highly discount Catalyst Propulsion(tm) and Desktop Dispatch(tm) Consoles and pair them up with discounted IPJ Gateways and EF Johnson radios to offer a complete radio system at an unbelievable price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to aquire a modern digital Radio over IP system at a fraction of the standard price.

EFJohnson Deal

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