Hardware Innovations

ml100g-31-industrial-fanless-nuc-computer-newWe’re always on the lookout for new innovations in hardware, and because we use Windows (r) computers for both our console and radio gateway platforms, we can take advantage of innovations the computer industry introduces on a regular basis. Lately we have seen a lot of innovation in computers that are fanless, with no moving parts, and use solid state storage.

Innovations in this space are very important because it’s the moving parts of a computer that are most likely to fail. And, our critical communications dispatch and interoperability systems are running 24 x 7, so reliability is a key factor in maintaining the high performance levels our customers expect. Paying attention to computer hardware innovations is an ongoing effort at Catalyst to meet these strict requirements.

Recently we’ve been testing – with success – a new computer from Logic Supply, pictured above. The cooling that’s required is accomplished through the heat dissipating shields, and its fanless construction, combined with solid state storage, means there are no moving parts and extends the lifespan of your system. Its sealed design prevents dust, debris, chemical, and moisture ingress, making this computer capable of withstanding the rigors of even the most challenging industrial deployments. And, check out it’s small size:



We’ll likely promote this computer for Gateway installations where the need for a small computer, and where 1RU servers are not part of the design. This computer can easily fit into most space constrained applications. We’ll continue to innovate, and continue to take advantage of innovation throughout the industry where we conclude it can help our customers.

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