Growth Opportunities for Catalyst are Strong

A September webinar  – Can LTE Replace LMR for Critical Communications? —  Demystifying the Convergence of Mobile Communications  Networks – included some healthy growth statistics for our industry. Data provided by presenter Jesus Mario Gonzalez, Senior Analyst from research firm IHS Markit, showed healthy growth in two key markets of importance to Catalyst.


The first good news is the healthy growth of public safety land mobile radio users. Virtually ALL of these users communicate with Dispatchers, and growth here is a strong indication for additional Dispatch Consoles, a key market for Catalyst. And these new users will occur on varying types of radio systems and frequencies, driving a need for interoperability solutions, another market served by Catalyst technology.


Another chart presented by Mr. Gonzales  described the even stronger growth of new LTE devices that will be used by public safety. In addition to the Dispatch Console needs of these new users, public safety users on LTE Networks, including FirstNet(tm), will need to communicate with public safety users on LMR (Land Mobile Radio) networks.

This latter requirement, dubbed INTERWORKING by the LMR – LTE public safety community, is being solved today by Catalyst through our contract with the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate. (

We intend to develop Interworking products for deployment in 2019, increasing the growth prospects of Catalyst and cementing our position as a leading supplier of innovation, technology and solutions to First Responders and the public safety marketplace.

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