New Videos from IWCE Highlight Catalyst Innovations



IWCE was a success for Catalyst. Each year it presents Catalyst with a new opportunity to showcase our innovative technology. This year was especially fruitful on that front – we introduced the results of our Interworking Research Grant, and also demonstrated new capabilities with our existing product line.

New innovation was definitely evident with our ICE™ and InterLoc™ products. ICE™- our Incident Commander Element – is achieving unprecedented market acceptance and we are on track to deliver more than 50 units in 2019, and we are seeing RFP’s for many hundreds more. ICE™ is unique in the marketplace and solves a critical problem for fire ground personnel by re-establishing communications between fire personnel and Dispatch during fire incidents.

InterLoc™, our location services solution, is also receiving renewed interest, especially as users consider the advantages of an LTE based communications system like FirstNet™. While InterLoc™ is applicable to today’s land mobile radio portable and mobile radios, the increased data transmission capacity of LTE networks is expected to drive increased interest in capturing location.

At IWCE, Catalyst engaged a videographer who filmed three short videos about Catalyst innovations, and two of them are introduced here. They are up on YouTube and you can catch ICE™ at and Interloc™ at this link:

Both are short (2-3 minutes) and provide an excellent overview of these innovative solutions. After viewing, you’re sure to have questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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