More Details about Catalyst’s Interworking Announcement – How Nemergent helps the Catalyst Development Team


With the excitement about our IntelliLink™ Interworking announcement, we have received many inquiries about our development process. We’re using development tools and software libraries from Softil, our Israeli partner we identified in our IntelliLink Interworking launch (and a separate Press Release from Softil, also announced on our blog). However there’s another technology partner that’s critical to our success, so get to know Nemergent.

Some of you have asked how we can develop and test our products to insure they are compliant with 3GPP LTE Networks, and FirstNet™ specifically. And that’s where Nemergent comes in. Nemergent provides a development and test environment that includes a complete software suite of 3GPP MCS-compliant components. Their tools provide an Application Server that “behaves” like a LTE network, and a Management Server that provides a number of required background tasks necessary for making an Interworking connection to LTE, including Identity Management, Configuration Management, Group Management and Key Management. These management tools are just as important as passing voice and meta data between the networks! Catalyst can be confident that software developed using Nemergent tools will be compatible with 3GPP LTE Networks like FirstNet due to Nemergent’s expertise with a fully standard MCPTT ecosystem. Nemergent is headquartered in Spain, demonstrating that best in class technology, and the development of mission critical communications over LTE Networks, is a global challenge.

The participation of multiple partners is critical to achieve the best results. No one company can tackle these challenges alone – and if they can, they cannot be taking advantages of best in class technology and innovation that derives from companies with excellence in their area of expertise. Catalyst is proud to lead the effort to develop standards compliant LMR LTE Interworking, and we couldn’t do it without our technology partners!


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